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2020 Conference Theme:

"Redwood Roots.  

Redwood Community.  Redwood People."





Redwood Region Logging Conference

Katherine Ziemer, Executive Director

5601 So. Broadway
Eureka, CA   95503

Phone: (707) 443-4091

Fax:      (707) 443-0926






82nd  ANNUAL




MARCH 19 -21, 2020

at the Fairgrounds in Ukiah

See you there!

CONFERENCE HOURS:  FREE Admission to Fairgrounds.

Thursday, March 19th - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday, March 20th  -    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday, March 21th - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

                     Closed Sunday

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS:   Displays, Demonstrations, & Shows are Free to the Public to view - No Admission Fee.



Education Day for Local Schools  ~  Free                        Banquet & Education Auction


Vendor Booths and the Latest Equipment                       Logging Shows  ~  Free


Chainsaw Carving Exhibitions  ~  Free                            Historical Displays  ~  Free


High School Forestry Competition                                   ProLogger Classes Available


Portable Sawmill Demonstrations   ~  Free                     Exciting Wildlife Shows   ~  Free                   

Career Day for High School & College Students              Golf Tournament


Quick-Carve Chainsaw Carving Auction                          Ladies Luncheon


Log Loader Competition                                                 Scholarship Opportunities


Show 'N Shine Competition                                           Thursday Beer / Wine Gala


Want your business added here???    Give us a call 707.443.4091

American AgCredit

     (Wine for Banquet Sponsor)

     (Wine for Beer/Wine Gala Sponsor)

Anderson Logging, Inc.

     (High School Forestry Contest Sponsor)

Bailey's, Inc.

     (Chainsaw Carving Sponsor)

C & K Johnson Industries

     (Thursday Evening Beer/Wine Gala Sponsor)

Cal-Line Equipment

     (Thursday Evening Beer/Wine Gala Sponsor)

Conrad Forest Products

     (Golf Tournament Sponsor)

     (Ladies Luncheon Sponsor)

C & Z Timber Co., Inc.

     (Auction Donation Sponsor)

Environmental Resource Solutions, Inc.

     (RRLC Conference Sponsor)

Falk Forestry, Inc.

     (Banquet Sponsor)

     (Professional Lumberjack Show)

GE & Company

    (Education Day Partner Sponsor )

    (Career Day Sponsor)

    (Education Day Busing Assistance Sponsor)

Humboldt Redwood Company

     (Corporate Level Promotional Sponsor)

Jacobszoon & Associates, Inc.

     (Career Day Sponsor)

John's Group, LLC

     (Education Day School Busing Assistance Sponsor)

     (Show 'N Shine Competition Sponsor)

Loggers Association of Northern California

     (Show 'N Shine Competition Sponsor)

     (Log Loading Competition Sponsor)

Mad River Lumber

     (Chainsaw Carving Contest Sponsor)

Mendocino County Farm Bureau

     (RRLC Community Sponsor)


     (RRLC Community Sponsor)

Mendocino Redwood Co.

     (Corporate Level Promotional Sponsor)


     (RRLC Promotional Sponsor)

Northern Aggregates

     (Banquet Sponsor)


Redwood Empire Sawmills

     (Banquet Sponsor)

Shuster's Transportation, Inc.

     (Beer/Wine Gala Sponsor)

Soper-Wheeler Company

     (RRLC Promotional Sponsor)

The Conservation Fund

     (RRLC Promotional Sponsor)

The Forest Foundation

     (Scholarship Sponsor)

Three Star Logging

     (Education Day Busing Sponsor)

Trinity River Lumber

     (High School Forestry Contest Sponsor)

Tunzi Ranch

     (RRLC Community Sponsor)

USAL Redwood Forest Company

     (High School Forestry Contest Sponsor)

Women in Timber

     (Education Day Sponsor)