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Click HERE for an APPLICATION to enter the LOGGER ART SHOW

Redwood Region Logging Conference


Date:  Thursday, March 15, 2018    

Time:  5:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Place:  Carl Purdy Hall, Ukiah Fairgrounds

In conjunction with the Logging Conference Beer and Wine Tasting Gala


Entry Form Deadline:  Friday, March 2, 2018  

Entry Fee:  $20.00 per piece

Limit:  Two entries per person  

Each artist will receive two tickets to the Beer and Wine Tasting Gala on March 15th, 2018 at the Carl Purdy Hall on the Fairgrounds. ($80.00 Value) 


Art Work Due at Fairgrounds in Carl Purdy Hall:  Wednesday, March 14th from

10 AM to 7 PM.

Pick Up Art Work:  Thursday, March 15th at 9:00 PM or Sunday morning between 9 AM and Noon at the Carl Purdy Hall, Fairgrounds.


Art Work must depict some form of Natural Resource or Timber Theme including Logging, Sawing, Transportation, Forestry, Sawmill, Equipment, Supplies etc..


Open Class:  Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Saw Art, Hard Hat Art, Wood Carvings, Metal Work, Leather Work, Fiber Art, Quilts and other forms of art which showcases the Timber Industry.


Prizes:  The placing will be determined by POPULAR VOTE and each guest attending the Beer and Wine Tasting Gala will be provided a Voter Ballot. Designated Art Show coordinators will collect the ballots and announce the winners at 8:00 PM.


1st Place:  $300       2nd Place: $200       3rd Place: $100

For more information, please contact the RRLC office at (707) 443-4091.

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