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Redwood Region Logging Conference

In Partnership with Green Diamond Resource Company

“Boots-on-the-Ground” was developed in 2019 as a Career Day for High School Seniors interested in job opportunities in the Logging Industry. 


Our target audience is High School Seniors who were interested in entering the job market right out of High School.

Green Diamond Resource Co. has graciously hosted the event where students are taken on a tour of their operation by the the Directors of the Redwood Region Logging Conference (RRLC) which highlights activities logging operations in action and also have a tour of the mill in Korbel.  Students were able to speak one-on-one with crews in the woods, mechanics on site and landing supervisors. 

In 2022, each student who attended the “Boots on the Ground” event received a voucher which entitled them to seek reimbursement or help in purchasing a pair of Work Boots once they have been officially been hired full-time within the logging industry.

Attendance to the event must be pre-approved through their school and the RRLC.

Please call the RRLC office for more information.

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