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Conference Information


Planning for the conference is now underway.  VENDOR spaces are available and it is never too early to register.  For booth information please call the office in Eureka at (707) 443-4091.

We will be sponsoring seminars again this year for Loggers receive credit for their PRO LOGGER certification.  If you have suggestions as to topics you would like covered, please contact the RRLC office.  We also are interested in sponsoring seminars on other relevant topics for others involved in our industry.

We anticipate about 1,000 students to attend the conference on Education Day to see the Lumberjack Show.  "Conservation Ambassadors" will be there with their cool critters.  Career Day will host high school and College students to explore opportunities in the industry and related fields.  The High School Forestry Contest will be held during the Conference.  This contest challenges High School students throughout the region in ten areas of general forestry practice.  These events include making measurements of trees, use of basic forestry tools, such as the hand compass, diameter tape, and clinometers. Skills will be tested in pacing, map reading, table interpretations, and identification of tools, plants, trees and lumber. Awards are presented to top placements.


Several Portable Sawmill Vendors will run their mills for potential buyers.  Antique logging equipment and other old machines will be on display, many of them running.  Chainsaw carvers will be producing incredible works of art that will be sold at various auctions during the conference.  A multitude of Vendors will be on hand to discuss their products and display their wares. 


If you are looking for an Interesting, Educational, Entertaining, and Family-orientated event to spend the day at, come visit the Redwood Region Logging Conference.


You'll have a great time!




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