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"Lip Sync Logger Battles"  

Thursday, March 16th

at the Beer/Wine Tasting Gala

Interested in becoming a Contestant???


Contact the RRLC office for an application 707.443.4091 or click on the Application Button below.  PRE-REGISTRATION is required and must be received by March 6, 2017.  The contest is limited to 8 contestants who will be determined by March 10, 2017.  The final selection of contestants will be determined by the Logging Conference Lip Sync Committee and all decisions are final. 


 The Contestants do not need to be employed by the various companies, however they need to be acknowledged as their entry.



  • Contestants must be 16 Years or older

  • “Song or Performance” may be a solo or duo (1 or 2 people) 

  • The Performers need to preregister songs to have them available to them for the competition.




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